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December 8th, 1998


Dear Friends,

On Thanksgiving Day I had the great joy of fox hunting with my father for the first time in five years. I spent most of the day in the back of the field assisting with the closing of gates. At the end of the day I made my way up to the front of the field to ride with my dad. We jumped a few fences together on our way back to the meet. Nothing made me happier because I knew how happy my father was to have me in his hunt field.

On Sunday evening around 10:00pm, my father passed from this earth. He had suffered a fall earlier in the day while out doing what he loved most, fox hunting. During a long run his horse suffered a heart attack and went down, taking him with him. He was Medivac to the Washington Hospital Center where he held on long enough for all of us to get by his side.

Over the past few days I have tried to keep myself very busy. I am sorry if I have not returned all the calls or email but just hearing your voices and reading your notes has been a great help. I have set-up a web site in honor of my father's life and would be honored to have my friends visit and meet dear old Erskine,

For the most part, I ask that instead of attending the service, that we see each other after this is all over. It is at that time that I will need company most as this all really sets in.

From the bottom my heart, thanks you all for your words and calls.

Dean Erskine Bedford